CLT maintains a fleet of equipment for pulling and grinding stumps on site, grinding stumps in place (subsoiling), and stump cutting. We have grubbed and ground stumps on more than 1,000 acres for various projects across New England, including wind farms, road and bridge construction, roadside maintenance, retail development, and farms. For large projects we use tracked excavators and bulldozers to pull stumps. The stumps are then ground on-site into material suitable for use as erosion control mix (ECM) using horizontal grinders capable of producing up to 100 tons of stump grindings per hour.

Subsoiling involves grinding stumps in place and mulching the material into the soil. This process produces a smooth soil surface suitable for seeding. Stump cutting grinds stumps flush with the ground leaving the subsoil portion of the stump intact resulting in stable, mostly undisturbed ground which can be easily mowed. This process works well for trails, roadsides, and pastures.

Our grinding operations are also a beneficial service to customers with stockpiles of brush and debris from road or yard maintenance, as well as construction and demolition debris. Our forestry mulching equipment can be used to grind debris on site, such as along roadsides or pastures.