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CLT is proud to offer a diverse list of services to complement a history of land clearing. Additional services that support the construction industry and private landowners include:

Land Clearing

CLT has cleared hundreds of miles of new and co-located rights-of-way on more than 1,000 acres on highly visible and heavily regulated projects throughout New England. We have the equipment and expertise to take on projects large and small from wind farms and transmission lines to road maintenance, trails, and campgrounds.


Commercial Land Clearing

We understand the importance of scheduling to project owners. CLT is positioned to mobilize our fleet of specialized equipment, experienced operators, and project managers to meet the demands of fast-paced projects to stay ahead of schedule while delivering a quality product. We have earned a reputation for efficient project management and diligence as well as effective coordination with other project contractors preventing bottlenecks.


Site-Specific Clearing

CLT is recognized for attention to detail on every job. We take the time to implement procedures that are necessary to complete projects that require site-specific methods. Site-specific clearing methods may be necessary on both large and small projects due to project design, overhead and underground utilities, vehicle traffic, runways, etc. Also, there are often protected resources, terrain, or weather conditions that may require specialized clearing methods. In these situations, we use alternate methods, such as:


  • Timber matting to cross protected resources (streams and/or wetlands) or finished surfaces (pavement, golf course) without causing damage;
  • Hand-cutting and using cable skidders to remove cut wood from steep slopes and/or protected resources; and

Grinding, Stumping, Mulching

CLT maintains a fleet of equipment for pulling and grinding stumps on site, grinding stumps in place (subsoiling), and stump cutting. We bring a vast experience in grubbing and stump grinding on more than 1,000 acres across New England, including wind farms, road and bridge construction, roadside maintenance, retail development, and farms. For large projects, a tracked excavator and bulldozer is used to pull stumps. The stumps are then ground on-site using horizontal grinders capable of producing up to 100 tons of stump grindings per hour. The ground material is suitable for use as erosion control mix (ECM). Our grinding operations is beneficial to customers with stockpiles of brush and debris from road or yard maintenance, as well as construction and demolition debris. Our forestry mulching equipment can be used to grind debris on site, such as along roadsides or pastures.

The process of subsoiling grinds stumps in place and mulches the material into the soil. The process produces a smooth soil surface suitable for seeding. Stump cutting grinds stumps flush with the ground leaving the subsoil portion of the stump intact resulting in stable, mostly undisturbed ground which can be easily mowed. This process works well for trails, roadsides, and pastures.

Erosion & Sediment Control

CLT is certified in erosion and sediment control by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. We are recognized for our commonsense approach, and ability to effectively control erosion and sedimentation. Successful erosion and sediment control require proper planning, installation, and maintenance of controls. CLT is experienced in effectively installing both structural and non-structural erosion and sediment controls, including:

  • temporary and permanent seed and mulch
  • overwinter stabilization
  • sediment barriers
  • temporary and permanent check dams
  • stabilized construction exits
  • culverts
  • evel spreaders
  • vegetated and armored channels
  • water diversions
  • stream crossings
  • water detention structures
  • slope reinforcement

Erosion Control Mix

Erosion control mix (ECM) is an all-natural, multi-purpose erosion and sediment control product often preferred by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. ECM is an especially beneficial product, as it can be generated on-site from materials (e.g., stumps and grubbings) that would otherwise have to be buried or hauled away for disposal as solid waste. Unlike silt fence or straw barriers, ECM is visually inconspicuous and rarely has to be removed after your site is stabilized. CLT can grub and grind stumps on-site to produce ECM, or we can deliver ECM to your site and install it to your specifications. ECM can be used as a sediment barrier, long-term mulch, overwinter stabilizing mulch, and ground cover for nature trails, construction yards, and unpaved parking areas.

Construction Site Work

In addition to preparing a site by clearing, grubbing and stump grinding, CLT also provides the following services:

  • Topsoil salvage, stockpile, and replacement
  • Cuts and fills
  • Rough and finish grading
  • Excavation
  • Backfill and compaction
  • Rock crushing and screening
  • Road building
  • Well and septic system installation
  • Stormwater management
  • Erosion and sediment control installation
  • Clean-up and final restoration

Aggregates & Materials

CLT offers a variety of mulch products, loam, compost, gravel, rock, crushed stone, and cedar fence posts.

Aggregates and materials may be picked up from our South China locations Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Our offices are open Saturdays from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm Memorial Day through Labor Day.

CLT offers bulk pricing and delivery, please call us at (207) 445-3151 for details.


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Woodlot Management

CLT and J.A. Tyler Forest Products has served private landowners since 1995. Our experience assists landowners in managing their woodlot and investments to achieve a variety of goals, including recreation, aesthetic value, sustainable tree growth, wildlife habitat, and revenue. We are focused on helping landowners make informed and realistic decisions to maximize the use and enjoyment of their property. Woodlot management services include:

  • Forest inventory and GIS resource mapping
  • Woodlot management consultation
  • Management plans (initial tree growth plans and re-certifications)
  • Tree growth planning
  • Timber harvesting and marketing


CLT has full-time Licensed Professional Foresters on staff.
CLT is a Northeast Master Logger Certified company.
CLT equipment operators are Certified Logging Professionals.

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