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CLT’s diverse services support a variety of industries. Each project has provided unique opportunities to utilize years of experience and acquire new skills. We encourage customers to view our past projects and gain a clearer perspective of the work we pride ourselves on.


CLT provides various services, such as vegetation removal, pre-existing structure demolition, and necessary groundwork for wind and solar developments across New England.

Weaver Wind


Located in rural Hancock County, Maine, Weaver Wind consisted of approximately 170 acres. CLT crews cleared and grubbed for the construction of 22-turbine wind farm.

The duration of the project spanned from 2019 through early 2020.

Sanford Solar

Beginning in 2019, CLT completed site work, including layout, additional clearing and forestry mulching, road and bridge construction, substation build-up, erosion and sediment control, and duct back installation in Sanford, Maine. The 150,000-panel solar farm is located at Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport. CLT crews work through all seasons to complete any given project.

Farmington Solar

CLT completed site work, including layout, demolition, road construction, substation build-up, and erosion and sediment control, as well as cutting and clearing for the largest planned solar farm in New England. Permanent access roads were constructed for present and future use on site.


We support establishment, restoration, and expansion services for airports, roadways, and municipalities. Our efforts remain in safety and overall value of infrastructure development projects.

Maine Department of Transportation: Interstate 95 Clinton-Augusta

CLT equipment operators and arborists cut, cleared, and mulched vegetation on Interstate 95 from Clinton to Augusta, Maine for the Maine Department of Transportation.

Woodlot Management

CLT licensed foresters advise landowners in managing their woodlot investments to best fit a variety of goals, such as, recreation use, aesthetic value, sustainable tree growth, wildlife habitat, and revenue.


Appleton, Maine

Beginning winter of 2019, CLT foresters and equipment operators conducted a timber harvest in Appleton, Maine. Primary goals for this woodlot were to reduce the ash component while also conserving economic value and maintaining its components to the forest. Thinning throughout this woodlot promoted a diversity of native species.

Palermo, Maine

During the summer of 2018, commercial thinning operations were conducted by CLT crews in Palermo, Maine. The primary goal for this woodlot was to improve overall quality of the wood, promote wildlife habitat, and create recreational opportunities for the landowners.

Harpswell, Maine

Previous storm blow down in Harpswell, Maine created a project for clean up and salvage. CLT crews harvested and subsoiled the land to reduce fire hazard risk while maintaining a windfirm forested stand.

Arborist Work

CLT licensed arborists are experienced to operate in all work environments. Our crew is equipped to handle proper tree maintenance, including trimming, cutting, limb removal, and tree obstruction or hazard to infrastructure.


Cooks Corner, Brunswick, Maine

CLT licensed arborist cut, trimmed, and de-limbed in addition to clearing work completed in Cooks Corner, Maine. In addition to residential work, CLT arborists often follow the work of equipment operators to hand cut any hard to reach, hazardous, or unique trees in the plan.

“I would like to share my gratitude for the kindness and respect your employee gave to a cross in memory of my brother that was located within the jobsite perimeter. He handled it carefully while ensuring it was kept safe from tree removal operations. We understand you have a job to fulfill, but we are beyond grateful.”

-Observer of MDOT work on Route 1 from Woolwich to Wiscasset

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