CLT has cleared hundreds of miles of new and co-located rights-of-way and more than 1,000 acres on highly visible and heavily regulated projects throughout New England. We have the equipment and expertise to take on projects large and small from wind farms and transmission lines to road maintenance, trails, and campgrounds.

The clearing contractor is typically the first to hit the ground on a project and we understand the importance of schedule to project owners. CLT is positioned to mobilize our fleet of specialized equipment, experienced operators, and project managers to meet the demands of fast-paced projects to stay ahead of schedule while delivering a quality product. We have earned a reputation for efficient project management and diligence as well as effective coordination with other project contractors preventing bottlenecks.

CLT is known for being very detail-oriented. We take the time to implement procedures that are necessary to complete projects that require site-specific methods. Site-specific clearing methods may be necessary on both large and small projects due to project design, overhead and underground utilities, vehicle traffic, runways, etc. Also, there are often protected resources, terrain, or weather conditions that may require specialized clearing methods. In these situations we use alternate methods, such as:

  • timber matting to cross protected resources (streams, wetlands) or finished surfaces (pavement, golf course) without causing damage;
  • hand-cutting and using cable skidders to remove cut wood from steep slopes and/or protected resources; and
  • forestry bucket trucks to cut trees immediately adjacent to buildings, energized powerlines, and/or vehicle traffic.

CLT uses whole tree chippers capable of chipping trees up to 23 inches in diameter, or bunches of smaller stems. Chips are then hauled to biomass markets and paper mills. CLT uses tracked whole tree chippers in remote areas where transporting felled trees to landing yards is not feasible. In these situations, chips are blown evenly over the ground producing very effective erosion control.