CLT is certified in erosion and sediment control by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and we have two employees who are Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC). We have been recognized for our common sense approach, and ability to effectively control erosion and sedimentation.

Successful erosion and sediment control requires proper planning, installation, and maintenance of controls. CLT is experienced in effectively installing both structural and non-structural erosion and sediment controls, including:

  • temporary and permanent seed and mulch,
  • overwinter stabilization,
  • sediment barriers,
  • temporary and permanent check dams,
  • stabilized construction exits,
  • culverts,
  • level spreaders,
  • vegetated and armored channels,
  • water diversions,
  • stream crossings,
  • water detention structures, and
  • slope reinforcement.

Erosion control mix (ECM) is an all natural, multi-purpose erosion and sediment control product often preferred by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. ECM is an especially beneficial product because it can be generated on-site from materials (e.g., stumps and grubbings) that would otherwise have to be buried or hauled away for disposal as solid waste. Also, unlike silt fence or straw barriers, ECM is visually inconspicuous and rarely has to be removed after your site is stabilized.

CLT can grub and grind stumps on-site to produce ECM, or we can deliver ECM to your site and install it to your specifications. ECM can be used as:

  • a sediment barrier;
  • long-term mulch;
  • overwinter stabilizing mulch; and
  • ground cover for nature trails, construction yards, and unpaved parking areas.